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Install HD CCTV, advise police
Published on: Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Sandakan: Resort, chalet and restaurant operators are advised to install High Definition (HD) CCTV to help identify clearly the perpetrator/s involved in any untoward incident.Sabah Police Commissioner Datuk Omar Mammah said fishermen, employers and boat owners should also install the HD CCTV which is able to record the criminal's face even in a dark area.

He also advised fishing boat operators to install Automatic Identification System (AIS) because this is important in verifying their presence either in the waters of the country or anywhere.

Omar also reminded the operators to hire legal workers and if they want to hire foreign workers, they must register the workers with the Immigration Department and the workers' names should be sent to the police for security purposes.

Omar was speaking at a dialogue with resort, chalet, restaurant and boat operators, here, Monday.

During the event, Omar also discussed about safety in the State's waters and how to avoid from becoming a victim of cross-border crime, adding that the security personnel and local community must work together to ensure the security in the country is under control. Asked on the development of the kidnapping case involving two Indonesians recently, he said two calls had been made by the kidnappers to the families of the victims in Sulawesi on Sept 18 asking for a RM4 million ransom and the second was made on Sept 28 to their employer in Tawau.

Samsul Sagunim, 40, and Usman Yunus, 35, were on their fishing vessel when they were taken by armed kidnappers off the coast of Semporna at about 1am on Sept 11. On the arrest of 13 policemen previously attached to the Kota Belud district police station who were accused of accepting bribes over a period of five years since 2014, Omar said the Malaysia Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) was welcome to continue such raids.

"There should be no excuse to any security official to commit any crime including corruption," he said. - Mardinah Jikur


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