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Ensure only true natives on list
Published on: Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Tenom: The Sabah Mamagun Organisation (Mamagun) welcomed the move by the government to put the ethnicity of natives to substitute "others" in official government forms to prevent others who are not entitled to of taking advantage of the situation, said Secretary-General Majiadih OT Matalih.He was commenting on a report that the Federal Government has asked the State Cabinet to submit a list of ethnic and ethnicity worthy of being mentioned as a "Natives" and "Sabah Bumiputra".

Majiadih said the government should do screening to ensure that only true ethnic groups that are qualified and entitled to be accredited as a "Anak Negeri" and "Sabah Bumiputra" column replaces the "others".

According Majiadih, Mamagun ever protested in 2014, urging the Sabah Cultural Board to withdraw the listing of several doubtful ethnic groups as "Anak Negeri " including ethnicities such as Kagayan, Ubian, and Simunul which originated from the southern Philippines.

"We fear that there are those who are not qualified will try to infiltrate and claimed to be an 'Anak Negeri' and be granted citizenship this will definitely add to the citizenship problems in this country.

"Therefore, we ask the government to be careful in verifying only the legitimate ethnic groups because we note that the issues of ownership of identity cards and provision of citizenship to foreigners in this country are still not finalised fully but we are now burdened with this other issue," he said.

In addition, it is understood that the Federal Cabinet agreed to postpone the adoption of the new ethnic groups printed on official forms until the technical committee of Sabah and Sarawak gives their approval.


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