Ranau crime cases down
Published on: Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Ranau: Ranau District Police Chief, DSP Mohd Shahrul Abdul Wahab said that the overall index for the year 2018 had dropped by 10 cases or 13.7 per cent compared to 73 cases in 2017.Meanwhile, for violent crime and property, each also fell six and four cases or 13.5 per cent and seven per cent compared to 16 cases and 57 cases in 2017 respectively.

Subsequently, PDRM Ranau carried out several operations in this area, among others, to combat syndicated crime.

Mohd Shahrul said in another context, for narcotics crimes from January this year, the Ranau IPD has investigated a total of 378 investigation papers under the Dangerous Drug Act 1982.

"From that, the case breakdown are as such; firstly, under Section 39B – (one case), Section 39A(1) – (eight cases), Section 12(2) – (52 cases) and Section 15(1)(a) – (317 cases).

"All the cases investigated involve arrest of about 327 men and women. For the record, out of a total of 378 cases investigated, 254 cases have been completed and the offenders have been sentenced while the remainder are still under investigation and awaiting trial," he said speaking to the media in a PC here after the monthly meeting with all PDRM personnel in IPD Ranau.

Mohd Shahrul urged everyone in the district to continue their support by giving any information to the police concerning drug abuse so that the problem could be curb once and for all.

Meanwhile, concerning the statistics for road accidents this year, he said, a total of 363 road accidents reports were lodged in 2018 compared to 340 reports in 2017.

"The increase of 23 cases is mainly due to reasons such as the increase of motor vehicles on the road, Ranau as being the main route for several destinations, as well as geographical factors which includes road damages and landslides," he said.

Mohd Shahrul said, another statistics concerning road transport accident has to do with cases which involves Section 41(1) Road Transprt Act, or fatality, where the cases increased to 13 cases and deaths increased to 15 people compared to 2017.

"This is mainly due to the negligence and carelessness of the drivers themselves. Towards that end, I want to urge everyone to always be extra careful when on the road, and follow all the rules and regulations set for everyone to observe," he said.- Clarence GD


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