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Teachers can now take 10 days of annual leave
Published on: Friday, January 12, 2018

Seremban: The country's 430,000 teachers now have more reason to cheer as they can apply to go on leave for up to 10 days in a year as against seven previously.

The teachers will be allowed to take leave to, among others, attend religious events, accompany sick family members to get treatment or during emergencies such as floods and fire.

The privilege has also been extended to contract and temporary teachers.

The 10 days of annual leave, known as "Cuti Rehat Khas", will be over and above the holidays given to these teachers during school holidays.

"Similarly, they can also apply leave to attend their convocation ceremonies or that of their children.

"It can also be utilised if they have to register their children in school or institutions of higher learning both here or abroad," he said in a directive.

Zainal said Muslim teachers will also be allowed to utilise the leave if they need to be away more than 40 days when performing pilgrimage.

They will also be permitted to go on leave if they or their children are getting married.

"However, teachers would not be allowed to carry forward the unused Cuti Rehat Khas to the following year," he added.

National Union of the Teaching Profession president Kamarozaman Abd Razak thanked the Government for the gesture.

"Teachers, like any other employees, have many other responsibilities and commitments and need to be away to attend to them.

"It is better that they are given additional days of leave rather than having to resort to taking medical leave," he said.

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