Misuari: I will prove it in the criminal court
Published on: Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Kota Kinabalu: Moro National Libesrtion Front (MNLF) founder-Chairman Nur Misuari repeated his call for the International Criminal Court to look into the problem of "kidnapping-for-ransom instigated by Malaysia".Waving a copy of Saturday's Daily Express front page quoting Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Aman demanding proof of his allegation, he told CNN Philippines in Manila that was beamed over internet TV that he would produce the necessary pictures and other proof to the ICC but not to Malaysia.

"I want the International Criminal Court to look into who were behind the kidnapping for-ransom," he said.

"I can show pictures to the court where the conspiracy was held." The 2000 Sipadan kidnapping of local and foreign tourists occurred during the rotation of the chief ministership in Sabah.

Over a dozen kidnappings have taken place since and it was rumoured that large sums of money changed hands as ransom, despite denials.

Misuari also said that he would not sit on the same negotiating table with breakaway rivals Moro Islamic Liberstion Front (MILF) who he described as traitors.

"The President is being misled by the MILF and Mislimin Sema and other leaders. I want to see the President again to tell him the truth about these people...I will not accept these people who should be put in jail because they are criminals," he said.

According to him, the unification of Muslims in Mindanao to pave way for last peace in the region can be done without MNLF and MILF sitting on the same table.

He also accused Muslimin and ARMM Governor Mujib Hataman of associating with drug lords and involvement in the recent bombing in Davao City.


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