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Not place to dry clothes!
Published on: Thursday, April 19, 2018
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Not place to dry clothes!
Kota Kinabalu: We've seen their children using the public drains as toilets and their women walking around town in bikinis but this picture of a China tourist drying undies on a road divider near Wisma Sabah that went viral certainly takes the cake. The photos showed women's apparel and t-shirts, some even with clothes hangers, being hung out in the sun on trees planted along road divider.

The photo appeared to have been taken along a stretch close to a major shopping mall and a hotel.

Such behaviour was found amusing by some who joked that soon all the undergarments will be hanging too, while others seemed unimpressed indicating that authorities should do something.

A City Hall spokesperson said their enforcement team had been instructed to remove the garments from the trees. However, the owner had taken it down earlier.

The spokesperson added that City Hall enforcement also informed the hotel to advise their hotel guests not to hang their clothes in public places.

This is not the first time visitors have come up with such antics as indicated by photos posted over social media showing them in action.

Among them were the three women walking the streets clad in their bikinis and somewhat revealing apparel.

Not so long ago, another was literally seen inside the fountain along Gaya Street, complete with swim trunk and swim cap on. - Sherell Jeffrey



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