Apa Lagi Melayu (Umno) Mau?
Published on: Saturday, September 22, 2018

By Datuk Dr Johan Arriffin
The recent “Melayu Bangkit” rally in Kampong Gajah shows displaced Malay elitist in the post Umno era peddling their toxic sermon of race and religion.

They have not been able to find their footing in the new PH era and they do what is best – sow the seeds of discontent to divide the nation for personal gain.

To maintain their relevancy in a new political environment, they continue to play the race and religion card, and DAP is still their favourite bogeyman.

The duped Malay crowd need to wake up to the fact that Lim Kit Siang is not the Prime Minister, and the Prime Minister-in-waiting is a Malay.

These people are still drunk in their own “Kool Aid”, using Khairy Jamaluddin’s expression, and have not sobered up to the new realities.

The cream de la crème of Malay elitist created by Umno cannot adapt to “change” because it was never in their vocabulary.

To them, the feudal system must be maintained, where the elitist Malays are fed riches and those in the lower pecking order picks up the crumbs from the floor.

The hoards of Malays gathered at the rallies that have been sponged on all these years by the elitist crowd and are unable to think for themselves.

The Malay leaders dish out the same Umno rhetoric, the Malays rights are under threat, the Sultans are under threat, Islam is under threat, the Malay language is under threat; in fact virtually everything “Malay” is under threat.

This is despite Malay being the official language, Islam the official religion, the Sultans doing well, and virtually all the top ranked persons being Malays, from the armed forces, police, the civil service, to the Prime Minister.

Except one Chinese Finance Minister, one Indian Attorney General and one Kadazan Chief Justice whose term is comming to an end soon anyway.

The accusations that these three musketeers of Malaysian Chinese, Indian and Kadazan have displaced Malay rights is probably the biggest joke of the century.

Perhaps the only threatening signs was when they found out that AG Tommy Thomas can actually speak Bahasa, and the new generation of MPs from all races, and the new parliamentary speakers are fluent in Bahasa and can debate the Umno MPs in their own turf.

This must be unsettling for the Umno MPs, as unsettling as when they found out that Lee Kuan Yew could speak Bahasa more fluently than most Malays of his generation.

Umno MP Tajuddin remarks in the Dewan that Malaysia is “Malay land” has irked many East Malaysians.

Ramai Mohammed, a dusun from Sipitang said “If that is the case, they can keep Malaya, and we can go our separate ways. Malaysia does not belong only to the Malays – it belongs to all races and ethnic groups in a country we call Malaysia.

The Malays should wake up, it is the Malay elitist from Umno are the ones who have squandered the nations wealth and preyed on their own race.”

I can’t believe that the Malays have not woken up to the fact that their Malay leaders have done them in.

How do you explain the massive corruption that is being revealed on a daily basis, how do you explain the mind boggling cash and luxury goods found in several apartments in KL, the cash stolen at the PMO office, now claimed by Umno party members as belonging to the party.

How do you explain the former spy chief and seven other intelligence officers investigated by MACC for alleged misappropriation of RM49 million believed for the use of the Barisan Nasional during the May general election.

Where did all these cash come from, and which “Malays” benefited from these cash hoards?

The rural Malays or the elitist Malays?

If the money is meant for election, it should be in the bank account of the party and disbursed before the elections and not kept lying around. Who are they trying to hoodwink?

These Malay elitist know very well that that they have have benefited the most in the Umno era and the only way they can survive is by playing up the religion and race card in the feudal society they created in Umno.

They have no answers how to combat a reborn Mahathir in a new era of change.

They are still living in the analog age while all of us have moved to digital age where their lies can be exposed at the click of the button.

In a news portal report, Tawfik Ismail, a former party member has described Umno as a stagnant pond of water breeding only bottom feeder fish, saying the lack of direction caused their recent downfall in the 14th general election (GE14).

He said Umno, by voting in the old guards as leaders during the recent party elections, showed the same mentality was still being employed.

“At the moment Umno is directionless. They don’t have any ideology or new ideas that attract young people.

They are feeding on themselves. They are a self-supporting group.”

I can still recall the Utusan Melayu heading “Apa Lagi Cina Mau” after GE13. We Malaysians should be asking the same question now, “Apa lagi Melayu Mau?”

You had everything since independence, from handouts, bumiputra policies, priority in education and full control of the country. But what did the Malay leaders do?

They squandered every opportunity given to them and blame other race for own failures.

Only a handful of Malays became rich through political patronage whereas the rest have to work doubly hard to earn a decent living and make ends meet.

Malaysia belongs to all and not just the Malays.

The Malays should go beyond beyond they narrow thinking and wallowing in self pity – because if all Malaysians prosper, the Malays will also prosper.

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