How can Anwar be better than Najib?
Published on: Sunday, August 26, 2018

By Dayang Jambul
Surprisingly even the famous Party Keadilan candidate for Deputy President speaks the same tune and language of Sabah Leaders.

However, Rafzi Ramli went further by saying that Anwar will treat Sabahan better than the previous Prime Ministers. This is not correct.

The best Prime Minister who treated Sabah very well was Dato’ Najib Tun Abdul Razak from the year 2014 to 2018 – period of four years. Sabah never enjoyed so much privileged development or otherwise funds and also verbally delegating Federal Powers to the state of Sabah.

The last one before the General Election Najib allocated RM10 million just like that for the improvement of the Penampang Tamu ground. Actually only RM1 million was needed. Najib loved to throw money around as Dr Mahathir said. Even the RM700 million sukau bridge was approved without going through the Federal or State Cabinet. All because two of his closest Sabah Umno aides were linked by marriage.

Your paper and David Attenborough stopped it.

Therefore, based on all these, Anwar will not be able to outclass Najib because Anwar is a very disciplined, dedicated and straight forward man. Therefore, Anwar will not simply allocate funds for the sake of pleasing Sabah leaders. Anwar will be also restricted by limited funds and loans as Malaysia now has an outstanding loan of RM1 trillion – a lot of money just paying interests alone Malaysia will go bankrupt.

Further it is also wrong to delegate Federal Power verbally without going through legislation.

Rafizi also said Malaysia Agreement is valid legally and this means that and also the three partnerships and the 14 states partnership. What he was is saying is that all those being carried out over the last 50 years were illegal because no reference nor adherence to the Malaysia Agreement. Nevertheless, he seemed just like Sabah leaders who wanted to keep Sabah voters under control forever, did not detail what are the benefit that the present day administration of Federal Government and the three partnership and 14 partnerships.

If he is honest, Rafizi should give details of the benefits for Sabahans if the Provision of Malaysia Agreement and the status of Sabah be restored to three partnerships.

Will the income of Sabahans increase to RM2,000 monthly?

The best for Rafizi in order for PKR Sabah members to vote for him as Deputy President is to promise if he wins, he will pursue for a Referendum to be carried out in Sabah as to whether Sabahans wanted three partnerships or 14 partnerships or even Independence, if allowed in the constitution .

Based on his statement when Anwar becomes the Prime Minister, Rafizi lets Sabahans decide for themselves.

It is not the question of respect, it is question of wellbeing. Surely Rafizi can persuade Anwar to call for Referendum for Sabah then Anwar will be respected and honoured by the people of Sabah as Great Leader.

Dayang Jambul

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