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Final polls results should undergo proper audit
Published on: Sunday, April 29, 2018

By Joshua Y C Kong

The statement of the official results of the General Election 13 according to prescribed form 16 under section 27 of the General Elections Regulations was not complied with for the General Election 2013.

The results were published twice for GE13 in two separate editions of the Gazette, weeks apart.

So the results on the polling night for the declaration of all winners were incorrect and even illegal as the prescribed form 16 was done away with.

With the item D in Form 16 namely D: Total ballot papers boxes (B + C) as omitted the manipulation of the other figures in Form 16 can bring about zero discrepancies of the ballot papers ISSUED for the Parliament and the relevant state seats under it.

In actual scenario on the night of polling, discrepancies of issued ballot papers were detected in a number of seats that could make the final seats count uncertain. In simple term, the General Election was rigged by ballot papers and ballot boxes frauds committed by Election Commission Malaysia (ECM).

In Form 16, there are A: Total number of electorate, B: Number of votes by electors for each contesting candidate, C: Total number of rejected ballot papers, in ballot D: Total ballot papers boxes (B + C), E: Total Ballots papers issued, F: Total number of ballot papers issued but not put in the ballot box, G: Percentage of voting (E/A x 100), H: Majority.

Without the figure in item D, any discrepancies can be manipulated to zero as it was done in the second Gazette for GE13.

In GE2004, GE 2008, the item D was available hence discrepancies were rampant into thousands of ballot papers.

Such discrepancies could not be manipulated.

In such scenarios, all GE2004, GE2008, and GE2013 were heavily rigged by ECM to enable BN to remain in office.

I had brought GE2004, GE2008 to the High Court and ECM knew about its shortcoming as exposed in the relevant Gazette. As a consequence, omitted item D in violation of the prescribed Form 16 under regulation 27.

In GE2018, ECM must comply with Form 16 and the figures thereof listed would lock up all other relevant figures in the computation of discrepancies which simply confirm rigging of ballot papers and ballot boxes by ECM.

Any observers would not notice the discrepancies as arithmetical calculations and paper work were needed.

My important suggestion is that the final results on polling night should only be declared after a proper and independent audit.

Joshua Y C Kong

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