Not Salleh’s business to comment on yacht
Published on: Sunday, April 08, 2018

By Dayang Jambul
comment was made by Federal Minister Datuk Seri Salleh that the RM1 billion pleasure boat seized by the FBI and Indonesian police does not belong to Jho Low. Surely this is not the business of Salleh, unless of course he has a share.

Salleh must be aware that the issue of 1MDB and Jho Low has been with the Department of Justice, America, for sometime and there are a number of statements made by American Authorities.

Firstly there was the statement live on TV by the State of California Attorney General, and then about six months ago Federal Attorney General confirmed the scandal of 1MDB and saying that the Department of Justice is investigating and will take action accordingly.

Salleh himself must be aware about the alleged missing RM20 billion 1MDB fund.

Of course the government has injected nearly thirty billion worth of land – (i) 500 acres of old Sungai Besi Airport and (ii) the 27 acres at Tun Razak stock exchange.

Based on these two injection of assets, the 1MDB is now worth more than RM40 billion.

More than enough to cover the alleged missing funds.

Surely Salleh knows between missing public funds and loss in business undertaking.

The loss made by Bank Negara was genuine business undertaking loss.

At the time Bank Negara tried to make more money for Malaysia but was played out by the money market players – both in London and New York. This cannot be fake.

Dayang Jambul

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