Dangerous Ranau-Tawau stretch
Published on: Sunday, April 08, 2018

By Awang Bakri Dullah
THE Ranau-Tawau road, which is dangerous and in a very bad condition, is the main cause for the increase in accidents in the district.

Heavy vehicles such as lorries which carry palm oil and timber are worsening the road’s condition.

There are also roads that do not have phone coverage, making it difficult for road users to ask for help should they encounter any problems.

Day after day, we hear of accidents frequently happening on the road which has taken many lives.

Regardless of whether they are government servants, members of the public, pedestrians, bus, lorry, car or four-wheel drive, they are all exposed to a higher risk of getting into an accident along the road.

I urge the government to take drastic and appropriate action on the matter as this has been going on for a long time where accidents are caused due to the road’s condition. Among the steps to be taken:

Widen the current road, especially those with bends

Place speed traps along all straight roads as well as roads that are hotspots for accidents

Build a Rest and Relaxation (R & R) station in strategic places to avoid drivers going fast or sleepy

Build a bridge in strategic places for crossing the road

Upgrade the current roads from Ranau-Tawau

Place “cermin bulat” or traffic mirrors in each sharp turn on the road.

Tighten enforcement so heavy vehicles do not go over the load limit

Build a Road Transport Department (JPJ) weighing station

Establish a police inspection station at suitable places along the road

Place solar-powered road lights

It is hoped that the government take extra concern on the matter as it is about time that the roads are fixed.

With the given steps, it is hoped that the rate of fatal accidents along the related road can be prevented or reduced.

Awang Bakri Dullah

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