Not allowed to approve, but bosses are also not around
Published on: Saturday, March 31, 2018

By Bumi Businessman
I TOTALLY agree with the letter written by a Retired Civil Servant on Sunday Forum, (Daily Express, March 18, 2018) that these days both the Federal and State Departments approval for decisions is getting worse.

There are many examples such as applications for import permits, or applications for earth (soil) removal which can take weeks and months.

The obvious reasons given in most cases are that the bosses are attending meetings, outstation, on sick leave, etc. Even the Head of Department (No. 1) is always outstation in the case of Federal at Kuala Lumpur and Balik Kampongs.

and in the case of the State Department is either on leave or sick or being suspended.

Ironically No. 2, No. 3 is not authorised to entertain and sign the approvals. The Minister in charge takes it for granted that “all are well”, people are happy with the administration.

One cannot blame the Minister, because Prime Minister or Federal Ministers visiting Sabah always heap high praise for Sabah as the No. 1 in Asia and especially Malaysia. Sabah Ministers are right.

If the Prime Minister on every visit praise Sabah why bother.

Worse of all, present day civil servants regard the general public as their number one enemies although their motto is to serve the public.

Nevertheless, to carry out Chief Minister Tan Sri Musa Aman’s vision for Sabah, both the Federal and State Government should allow the next in rank to approve and sign in the absence of the heads.

Bumi Businessman

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