Muslim MP gambling away at casino?
Published on: Saturday, March 31, 2018

By C.P. Kui
I received a couple of video clips of a rather well known Muslim MP from Sabah happily gambling on a slot machine in Singapore casino.

The slot machine is also known as a One Arm Bandit. Perhaps if RUU 335 is adopted in this country, this MP could find one of his hands missing, thus becoming a twin to the machine in more ways then one!

Of course, he could argue that he wasn’t gambling which is haram to Muslims. He could say he was in the casino to see if there were other Muslims gambling and bring the issue up in Parliament.

He could also say he has never seen 3 Jokers in a row. That is why he was playing the slot machine.

In my opinion he could have saved himself some trouble by looking in the mirror 3 times, instead.

Never mind. Whatever reasons he had for being there makes no difference to me.

It might cause his pockets to become “bochor”. But that is another story.

What is of significance is this. You cannot on the one hand preach about your religion and the importance of the “tudung” to Muslim women who work in International Hotel chains while at the same time go against the tenets of Islam which says that gambling is haram. It just doesn’t gel.

The fact that you are a YB makes it all the more shameful. You are supposed to lead by example.

You are supposed to inspire the Rakyat.

To know that you could again be a candidate in PRU 14 is certainly not inspiring.

It is in fact, perspiring!

In fact, this is a good opportunity for him to say if social media is churning out fake news.

C.P. Kui

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