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Hard to swallow reason given
Published on: Sunday, November 05, 2017

By C.P. Kui
SABAH is a land with many a folklore tale.

Some are based on myth while others are based on facts. Through the years, I have heard yarn after yarn.

But the best I have heard so far is that spun by Junz Wong, the Vice President of Warisan, with regards to two senior party leaders flying Business Class to KL.

I say, what story are you trying to goreng lah ? Either you are a great consumer of fried bananas or you have come to believe that the majority of people are fools.

First of all you go on a crowd funding campaign to raise funds for bail purposes for your party President who by known accounts is extremely wealthy. You walk around with donation boxes reminiscent of the time I used to walk around in my school uniform to sell those small flags to raise funds for the Red Cross.

But you guys are smarter.

Then your President comes up with a real tear jerker that while he was in detention he slept on a hard cold cement floor. The price he has to pay he says in the interest of the people of Sabah.

How touching.

Within a week of his release, the Party leadership flies Business Class to KL. The story, it seems is based on the fact that there were no more economy seats on the flight as it was a last minute booking. Why last minute oh ?

You people know nothing about planning kah ? How to plan the economy of Sabah like that oh?

If no economy seat on Malindo, why not consider Air Asia as an alternative? Or perhaps delay your journey by a day so that you can still purchase tickets on economy class?

Then you get these two super wealthy personalities showing off what it means to have money by taking selfies on Business Class, thus endorsing their lifestyle. This is what distances you from the common people.

You belong to the “haves”. I belong to the “have nots”.

You want my vote, please stop playing the victim in any circumstance. Don’t talk about the poverty we face and how we have to cut spending due to the BN Government’s excesses.

Just practice what you preach bah. Walk the talk. Lead by example and you are bound to get followers.

C.P. Kui

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