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Nobody is taking responsibility
Published on: Saturday, October 28, 2017

By Ole Sonne
THE one billion ringgit Sapulut/ Kalabakan road is again in the news.

Poorly constructed to begin with, the road is being eroded/damaged mainly by overloaded timber lorries.

The Minister for Infrastructure professes ignorance despite many “inspections” during the course of construction.

JKR, Police JPJ and Forestry all powerless bystanders.

As usual nobody appears responsible, while the road continues to deteriorate, and maintenance costs escalating far beyond the RM1b. already spent.

When President Harry Truman occupied the White House in Washington many years ago he had a signboard on his desk reading “The Buck Stops Here”.

No such thing in Sabah, where the buck stops nowhere, and the buck passing goes on and on.

Shameful indeed!

Ole Sonne

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