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Two same purpose events on same day
Published on: Sunday, October 22, 2017

By Concerned Citizen
I refer to your Page 2 reports on Oct.13.

On the same page there were two reports concerning a similar subject – eateries cleanliness and so on.

One report was on City Hall’s (DBKK) awards to cleanest coffeehouses and restaurants within the city while the other one concerned awards by the State Health Department to the best (including cleanliness) Foodcourts around Sabah.

I was wondering why these two related events must be held on the same day, as if to compete with each other.

I say this because the health departments of both City Hall and Jabatan Kesihatan had been working hand-in-hand in ensuring cleanliness of eateries, including conducting joint-raids from time to time.

What has happened to that co-operation, to the extent that they hold similar functions on the same day?

(As I said as if to compete with each other).

If the two events were held on different days, at least the Mayor and the Health Director could have attended each other’s event as a gesture of goodwill.

Furthermore, the Health Department event was officiated by a Minister.

Something is not right. Rivalry ?

Concerned Citizen

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