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MACC can only do so much,rest is up to us
Published on: Sunday, October 22, 2017

By Edward Ewol Mujie
WITH the swift action taken by the MACC recently in Sabah over the alleged corrupt practices involving a number of people who were involved in the Federal Rural Development projects in Sabah, it is high time that stern action be taken to reveal the truth and to bring those who were involved to justice.

The sum of money involved in this case is huge and, therefore, MACC is not taking it lightly.

Definitely they will leave no stone un-turned.

Looking at the number of people being called up to assist in the investigation, it is possible that MACC had done their homework. It is not necessary that all those being called up by MACC are guilty, and it is unfair for the public to comment anything at this early stage. Just let MACC continue with their investigation and charge those are guilty in court.

There is no worry, if a person is clean of corrupt practice. The government is very firm in eradicating corruption, and all the government departments and agencies are required to endorse the anti-corruption pledge document.

I support the move to clean up the country and to eradicate all corrupt practices.

To do that, we should start from ourselves to stay away on all corrupt practices.

all cases of corruption starts with ourselves. This involves greeds, and through our deliberate faults.

compared to the multi-million Ringgit cases, MACC will have to double up their effort to bring in those are involved to justice. Unfortunately, MACC can only investigate, but very little they can do to stop corruption.

Thus, we the people will have to be in the front line to prevent corruption from happening, let alone be involved.

That means we all should reject being corrupted and to refuse corruption.

Actually, MACC welcomes people to inform them on all corrupt practices.

Edward Ewol Mujie

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