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What has BIMP-EAGA show for RM1.5bil centre?
Published on: Saturday, September 23, 2017

By Awang Jambul
I refer to the report on a proposed BIMP-EAGA Development Centre in Kota Kinabalu.

Congratulations to whoever is promoting this investment, which appears to be from China.

With RM1.5 billion this will give a few hundred thousand square meters of office and commercial space.

Hopefully this will be utilised. Business in the BIMP-EAGA area will be flourishing.

BIMP-EAGA was established more than 30 years ago. The State provided RM300,000 yearly to support the organisation. This fund is used for the allowances and travelling expenses for committee members, including playing golf.

So far these 30 years there is not a single business created for the BIMP-EAGA areas.

Things remain as there were 30 years ago. Trade between Nunukan or East Kalimantan and Tawau are being harassed by the authorities.

Every day we see in the papers that the authorities seize tonnes of seafood – crabs, fish and others.

The publicity is only on the seizures, but there is no publicity on how these seized seafood is being auctioned off or sold – what happened?

The Indonesian and Tawau businessmen have lost a lot of money due to these seizures.

This is the so-called cooperation under BIMP EAGA.

On the Eastern side between Sabah and Brunei also nothing happened.

Bruneians passports have to undergo 8 chops coming to Sabah and 8 chops going back to Brunei.

This has been going on for years despite former Prime Minister Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi saying it should not continue being problematic to the ordinary citizens who cannot afford to jet in and out of the respective capital.

Is this the so-called BIMP-EAGA cooperation under BIMP-EAGA.

Lastly, can BIMP-EAGA list out its successes over these years in accordance with the aims and objectives when it was established?

The President and Committee Members must be contented with meeting here and there, cocktail here and there and golfing here and there, so long as the funds are duly used up.

The rest remains as it was 30 years. So far so good. God help BIMP-EAGA in the interest of the millions living in the area.

Awang Jambul

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