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Who created North Korea?
Published on: Saturday, September 23, 2017

By Tan Sri Harris Mohd Salleh
SUCCESSIVE American Presidents in recent times have portrayed North Korean as the bad guy.

Donald Trump has gone further by threatening to “annihilate” North Korea in the on-going United Nations Assembly.

Why has North Korea been acting the way it has for a long time? Who is pushing the North Koreans to develop rockets and nuclear weapons? The Americans, the ugly Americans, the bully boy Americans.

The only country to blame for the humanity mess, the long sufferings of the Middle East is USA because of its narrow selfish economic interest in oil supply and weapon sales to keep its arms industrial complex rich!

The division of North and South Korea after the second World War is due to America.

Trump is trying to push the responsibility to control North Korea on China and Russia.

How can peace be achieved or bring North Korea to the table when USA has deployed TTAAD anti missiles in South Korea that has destroyed the defence balance in the region. China has lodged a strong protest which USA has very conveniently ignored. Having inflected a disequilibrium and upset China, Trump now wants China to help him to control North Korea! Most unlikely China will play the whipping boy of Trump.

As Putin has said, the North Koreans are prepared to eat grass rather than to give in to Trump.

Each time Trump issues a threat to North Korea, Kim Jong Un replies with another rocket into the Japan Sea.

No country wants war. Most of the wars after second world war were created by America in furtherance of its economic interest. USA has grown rich and powerful by starting wars at regular intervals and by sales of arms to warring countries.

Iraq was the most advanced country in the Middle East under Saddam. Its system of government was the most advanced with a comprehensive network of social welfare. It was peaceful and economically progressive.

Her museums contained some of the most precious pieces in the world. Libya, too, was a great country.

Now Syria is being turned into a mess ever since Obama decided to arm rebel groups against Bashir al-Assad for not opening up the country to US-style democracy. Millions of innocent lives have been lost as “collateral damage” as the Americans put it. Wherever the Americans go, the killings will start. Lest we forget, it is the Americans who armed Afghanistan and ISIS is an American creation. Otherwise how could a rag-tag group of jihadists suddenly drive US made humvees and carry latest weapons.

It is not that the Americans are any good at war. It has won one. With the greatest war machines, the world has ever known, they have been defeated by a group of barefoot Vietnamese.

It could not beat the North Koreans in the Korean war in the 1950s. The American also failed to beat the Taliban.

Though they have killed Osama, they are nowhere to victory.

If Trump wants a true peace deal, it must stop being the “big brother” to the world, stop the bullying and cease acting like the world’s policeman. Trump is looking inward. It cannot expect the world to “kowtow” to USA when it has lost the moral fibre to be the world leader.

It must withdraw from Asia, in particular North Asia and the South China Sea.

The region can get on better without USA messing around. USA should withdraw all its military assets and let South Korea, Japan and Taiwan defend themselves. Trump should not worry too much about these countries as they have sufficient technical knowledge and financial resources to look after themselves.

Maybe Trump is worried that American arms industrial complex will lose out or he is too jealous of China’s economic rise?

If left alone, the Koreans will find peace between themselves. Peace will find its way to the hearts of all Koreans who have relatives living on both sides of the border. Japan cannot live under the shadow and protection of USA forever. Japan is in Asia. Japan is much nearer to China than USA. China will become the largest economy in the world.

It is in the long term interest of Japan to keep an even relationship between China and USA after all, population in Asia is more than 3 billion as opposed to America’s 400 million. Taiwan is part of China.

Nothing the Americans can do about it. The Taiwanese are Chinese.

The Chinese method of interactions with other countries is much more acceptable.

China does not impose her values, political system or promote arms sales. Its assistance is focused on economic development and infrastructure.

It is best for the world for America to play a lesser role in the world as Trump withdraws his country into a hole.

Trying to play the big boy international politics will only expose USA to ridicule.

Empty threats, trade sanctions will not work as countries like North Korea know that USA is not that great after all.

Before Trump becomes the “naked emperor”, America must come to its senses.

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