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Pakatan must make clear if still with PAS
Published on: Sunday, September 17, 2017

By CP Kui
THIS WEEK I received a video clip from a person I consider a close friend.

It was to remind me that I was not forgotten. It was a morale booster until the end part that shows it was a “message” from the Income Tax Department to say I was in their thoughts ! It was an anti climax really.

That is exactly how I view the opposition PKR in general. Everything they say at the State level at the moment amounts to an anti climax. The local leaders have the ability to raise your spirits with their rhetoric and bold stand only to be shot down by their leaders in Kuala Lumpur. Take for instance what Christina Liew openly declared at a recent press conference. She boldly announced that the Party will not work with PAS.

That was a final decision made and taken. Habis Cerita. Until the following week that is.

Because hardly had my joy on hearing this petered out, the PKR leader who has been touted to be the 8th Prime Minister of Malaysia and who is currently residing in Sg Buloh, goes on record to say that he had sanctioned and approved Azmin Ali’s move to work hand in hand with PAS to avoid three-cornered fights in the coming 14th GE ! What happened to the final decision as announced by Christina Liew, huh ? To make matters worse, PAS has declared that they will contest against Azmin and Wan Azizah in the coming GE.

So, is PKR working with PAS or not? Are you being honest with your supporters? Please tell us because we should know who we are voting for.

Perhaps the best way I could explain my view of PKR is via this analogy. I see the PKR as the vinyl records I use to have. When my father was away, I would organise a party in my house. I would then spin my Long Playing (LP) records on my rusty gramophone. With LP records, you don’t need frequent change.

So you have more time to whisper sweet nothings to your dance partner. But when father came home, I have to switch to an EP single record for shorter playing time. Habis Cerita. This is PKR for you today - Keep playing the same tune over and over again until your de facto leader pulls the rug from under your feet.

Then you have to quickly switch to an EP single record and change your tune. Please for the sake of the voting public, state your stand. Don’t play mind games. You are either with PAS or not with them.

At least with the BN, we know the direction they are taking and they have made their intentions known.

It’s time you did the same.

CP Kui

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