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It took an Ustaz to solve this
Published on: Sunday, September 17, 2017

By Mr.& Mrs. Foo
Reference is made to your report dated Sept. 3 “Fears That Chinese May Lose Out” from Datuk Teo Chee Kang.

After half a century of independence we are still having leaders, who think as a Chinese/Malay/Indian/Native, instead of as a Malaysian.

Since Independence, the Chinese have been well represented by Chinese parties within the Barisan.

However through time, the Chinese community gradually lost faith in their representatives and abandoned voting for these leaders because of their abject failure to address political and social issues that adversely affect the Chinese community. Looking at the Chinese leadership in government today, we would say that the leadership situation has not changed for the better.

Does it require a Malaysian Chinese official to look after another Chinese Malaysian?

If one goes to the ground, one will find that the reality does not generally work that way at all.

This refers to both the politicians as well as high level governmental officials.

One will frequently hear that it is the Non-Chinese officials that are more helpful.

So as the saying goes, does it matter whether it is a “white cat or a black cat as long as it catches the rat”?

Can meritocracy be promoted rather than race?

From our own personal experience, as well as general feedback from some Chinese Malaysians, it is well-known that Chinese officials generally are reluctant to help the Chinese. These officials fear jeopardising their own position and status. Not only that, frequently they may frustrate the citizen if no personal benefit or political mileage can be gained from the situation, regardless of the merit of the case being brought up.

As an example, Datuk Teo Chee Kang, the Minister of Special Functions, was approached for assistance with regards to obtaining a small area within the cemetery in Kudat previously allotted for British Colonials.

The purpose was to build a common memorial plaque, as their graves had been destroyed.

Space was still available.

Unfortunately after four years of effort it got nowhere, all the time getting delaying evasive answers.

The problem was finally resolved when the Ustaz in Kudat was contacted.

The Ustaz with the assistance from the JKKK gave immediate help and attention to the matter.

Thus we were able to proceed with the construction of a common memorial plaque.

Come election time, some politicians will call for better and more power representation within the government.

They champion themselves as if they are the only ones capable. Are these politicians speaking for the voters or is it just that they want more power for themselves?

Mr.& Mrs. Foo

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