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Voices of Penampang and Kepayan folks were ignored by BN leaders
Published on: Sunday, August 13, 2017

By Peluru Berpandu
THE tirade between Penampang District Officer Luvita Koisun and certain villagers in Kg Mogonibung over the condition of the road in the area is regretted.

I have been following the story of the Mogonibung road that requires attention from the Penampang District Office and I concur with the complainants that urgent action has to be done for the villagers to be freed from dust pollution as well as to enable them better access to the main road.

I am of the opinion that the JKKK does not have to be the only authority with regards to improvements of livelihood for villages as certain instances also requires participation from villagers.

I believe certain members in Mogonibung made their complaints to the Penampang District Council and the usual failure of the Council to address their complaints must have prompted them to refer to opposition Parti Warisan leaders in the area.

It is sad that the District officer had to call those leaders liars as they were only doing what was expected of them, and that the issue would never have been highlighted if the Penampang Council, chaired by Luvita, had been more accommodating.

On Luvita’s contention that current opposition MP Darell Leiking should be the one attending to the problem, she should remember that the Barisan Nasional is the government of the day and all responsibilities related to developments is the baby of the government.

The DO’s claim that MCA officials, though they have yet to be elected, had been conducting repairs from their task force is another fact that is hard to swallow for Kepayan had been represented by a MCA Assemblyman for two terms without positive developments for the people.

On other developments, I wish to ask the District Officer how the allocation of RM1m for roofing material disbursed by the district office sometime in 2016 was carried out as there is talk that only certain leaders of a dominant political party in Moyog were given.

One JKKK Chairman was even boasting that he was given 5,000 pieces of zinc sheets, of the lowest grade, and that he was not aware who the recipients would be.

Perhaps the MACC should investigate this matter as it involved public funds.

On another issue, the District Officer cum Chairman of the Penampang District Council also ought to clarify whether her Council approved the setting up of the Power Project Plant at Kg Sinongkulan, Guunsing, which is just a stone’s throw from SMK Datuk Peter Mojuntin since all developments should have approvals from the Council.

It was due to a far sighted Warisan leader in Kg Guunsing who brought the issue to the attention of the Daily Express, as he feared his kampong would be flooded due to the construction of the main drain, that the roadside drain was expanded.

There are many more issue that need to be highlighted here but these would suffice for the time being as I may also be accused of creating tales but just for Luvita’s reminder, the people in Penampang and Kepayan opted to vote against the BN because their voice was never heard by the elected leaders.

Peluru Berpandu

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