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Replica of evil doll treated like Barbie
Published on: Sunday, August 13, 2017

By Concerned parent
AS a god-fearing person, I do not condone atheism which according to a report in your paper seems to be influencing minds of Malays.

Minister Datuk Shahidan has even called for Malays who are atheists to be ‘hunted down.”

However, at the same time I cannot understand why there seems to be a tolerance for demonic items that glorify satan and the powers of darkness.

An evil doll with the power to haunt and move named Annabelle has been locked away in a US museum by mediums together with other similar items.

The promoters of the movie based on a true story have been allowed to place replicas of the doll at MRT stations in KL and it was even taken to the newsroom of a national newspaper there.

This sends the wrong message among youngsters that they are just like barbie dolls.

Parents should be warned lest their children end up being possessed.

Concerned parent

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