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Tendered out without informing existing port operator
Published on: Saturday, August 05, 2017

By Labuan Corporate Citizen
This is in reference to the much-criticised Labuan Port Tender issue.

Being a corporate citizen and local Labuan, I feel compelled to respond to the issue, as it is not only in the interest of the Labuanites but also to the local business community in general.

Should the tender process be implemented and the port is undertaken by operator (not from Labuan), and the existing operator “left out” , certainly there will be consequences, not only to the local businesses but to the government in the long run.

In view of the coming 14 General Election (GE14), certainly the opposition is hunting for issues to be politicised for their political mileage.

Therefore, Labuan, which has became the interesting issue to be highlighted from day one of its elevation into a Federal Territory, also being eyed by three opposition parties to contest in the GE14, the Labuan Tender Port issue, if not resolved amicably, will certainly be a “punching bag.”

There had been many requests, be there reported or unreported to retain the existing operator, Labuan Liberty Port Management Sdn BHD ( LLPM) to run the port until it has proven its performance otherwise or not up to the mark, as the Labuan Port Authority (LPA), whose task to regulate the port operation and management, was just established early this year, and true enough, the latter had yet to assess the operator’s performance in managing the port.

What was pathetic was that the LPA has tendered out the port operation and management without consulting LLPM, being the existing operator.

Did the Ministry of Transport which is in charge the ports in the country and LPA’s board member know about the tender? If not, the MOT should come in and investigate the issue, why was the tender not informed to the MOT in the interest of the government’s image and reputation.

Since chambers of commerce have come up with statements urging the existing operator to continue, the MOT might as well reconsider agreeing to it.

Labuan Corporate Citizen

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