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Pairin should disclose recommendations if no action forthcoming
Published on: Saturday, July 08, 2017

By Sylvester J Disimon
I REFER to the report in Daily Express (24 June 2017) quoting Deputy Chief Minister Tan Sri Joseph Pairin Kitingan on the outcome of the RCI Technical Working Committee Report on Illegal Immigrants in Sabah.

I reject the explanation, reasons or excuses given by Pairin as Chairman of the Working Committee for the delay, inaction or rather failure of the Federal Government to act on the outcome of the RCI report or recommendations on illegal immigrants in Sabah.

Pairin’s reason justifying government’s inaction, even justifying there is no time limit for government action in resolving the problem of illegal immigrants, was an old lame excuse to justify BN’s failure to fulfil election promises made in 2013.

It is disappointing that PBS which initiated the RCI on illegal immigrants and even hinted on an ultimatum prior to the 13th General Election is now eerily quiet on federal inaction.

It was ironic that PBS today is behaving like a good and loyal BN boy when in fact federal authorities were dragging their feet to act on the RCI Technical Working Committee Report.

And in all probability, the Prime Minister may not even look, let alone act on the two reports by the Technical Working Committee submitted by Pairin.

PBS may have built its reputation and political fortune talking tough on illegal immigrants. But PBS today is not the PBS that we once knew.

PBS leaders today are living in their comfort zone, well at ease with their power, money and position, and totally oblivious to the fears and concerns of the people of Sabah.

PBS seemed to have forgotten their roots and original objectives when it was first formed as to why the people of Sabah supported them in the last 30 years.

It is mind boggling that the BN Chairman and Prime Minister of Malaysia had passed the ball to resolve the illegal immigrants problem to Pairin instead of directing the Home Affairs Minister to act on the RCI Report on illegal immigrants.

The Prime Minister could have simply instructed the Home Affairs Minister armed with the necessary teeth to start an immediate crackdown against IC illegal syndicates, corrupt officials and their collaborators based on evidences and facts obtained from confessions during the RCI hearings.

To the dismay of many Sabahans, the Prime Minister instead asked Pairin who is powerless, to solve the problem himself. Where is BN’s sincerity and where is the logic?

Datuk Seri Najib may simply wash his hands if he had no intention to resolve the problem but only for election purpose in 2013. The failure of the RCI on illegal immigrants would then fall squarely on Pairin.

Pairin, therefore, should stop giving false hope to the people of Sabah. He should tell the ugly truth.

The contents of the two reports by the RCI Technical Working Committee on Illegal Immigrant must now to be released to the public.

The people of Sabah deserve to know what the recommendations were and what are the action plans to be implemented by the Federal Government in resolving the illegal immigrant problem.

Another matter of interest to me as well as the public at large, is the thousands of children born to citizens who are married to foreigners.

The fact that the BN government has no clear policies on illegal immigrants has affected the future wellbeing of tens of thousands of children born to Malaysian citizens married to foreigners.

Children born to Malaysian citizens with foreign spouses were treated like outcasts deprived of benefits even though they are eligible for citizenship.

I am deeply disappointed that fake citizens with illegally obtained ICs through syndicates and corrupt officials freely roam the streets and also may fundamentally change the political demography of the state.

The RCI report on illegal immigrants contained glaring evidence of possible offences and irregularities, but four years after the RCI hearings there is still no smoke from the BN political chimney to indicate tangible actions.

The sobering truth is that there appears no intention or motivation to resolve the illegal immigrant issues.

I urge Pairin to admit he is powerless to compel the Federal Government to act on the RCI Technical Working Committee Report on illegal immigrants in Sabah.

I also urge Pairin to seriously consider resigning from his government position to take responsibility for this failure to fulfil the party’s 2013 election pledges.

If he resigns now he will still be remembered as a true patriot. Otherwise, he will instead be remembered for his failure and betrayal of the trust the people of Sabah placed upon him for 30 years.

It is better he resign now in order to recover the little honour and dignity he has for posterity.

Pairin should now let go his grip of PBS and let PBS supporters decide for themselves what they want to do for their future, especially in the next General Election.

Sylvester J Disimon Deputy President Parti Kerjasama Rakyat Sabah (Pakar)

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