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Why anti-mosquito drink not revealed
Published on: Monday, July 03, 2017

By Joshua Y C Kong
FURTHER to my letter “Simple Herbal Drink That Kept Mosquitoes Away” (Forum 11.6.17), the editor made a note “since the herbal concoction proved effective on you, why explain at length but keep its name secret?”.

This letter is in response to that apt note. If I were to give away the name straightaway, I could also end up in sort of “deep soup” if someone tries it and claims anything against me.

Actually I am not really worried about that but we need to handle the whole scenario professionally with care as in any cure or vaccine that have to go through all sorts of detailed analysis and trials and errors possibly with some “guinea pigs” as in any medical protocols.

Some people may encounter side effects which may disturb them mentally, emotionally and that can work up to some unpleasantness.

For me to use the herbal drink regularly is no choice as there is no cheap solution or proven cure against the mosquito viruses.

The case of the dying man that lived to tell a story after consuming the simple herbal drink was evident of the permanent potent cure.

In my earlier letter, I missed an item and that is I felt shivering inside me and woke up in my sleep early this year. I never experienced that for a very long time.

I thought it could be due to mosquitoes as I had been exposed then to some mosquitoes in my back garden feeding my dogs and that the herbal effect could have gone low.

So I took a spoonful of that herbal concentrate and within seconds I was back to normal and went on to sleep again.

Do I still need to confirm the potent cure? I consume the herbal drink like a tea regularly.

To steer clear of any objection or dubious questions, I think I can contribute to the solution by inviting people with funds to explore that potential item as a confirmed cure to malaria, dengue or any other related “bloody” diseases from the viruses of mosquitoes.

So we do some clinical tests and trials with existing patients if the doctors permitting such treatment without losing their medical profession or licence?

Before we do that I think that any stakeholders can work through my Koperasi Pengguna Sabah Bhd (KPSB) ( consumerism) and Caring Earth Society of Sabah (CARES) (environment) both I head, to do whatever that is desirable to enable the cure to be patented. Mosquito matters are both consumerism and environmental.

How effective is this new vaccine as alleged developed in Dengue War?

Is it an instant cure? What costs for each dosage?

Component of this herbal product is in the market in some forms but people are not aware of that potency in treating the viruses of mosquitoes.

The patented products would have global market and worth pursuing it now.

Some people have believed that they could treat the aedes mosquitoes in the wild with expensive vector impacts but what is the report on this as working in our midst?

Fogging of mosquitoes, too, can be too extensive without known possibilities of actually treating the viruses once contacted by the victims.

The ingredients of the fogging mixture can be questioned, too.

Can we afford to delay my herbal drink health-wise to be applied extensively?

It can be just a simple drink we can buy from shops once proven safe beyond doubt for all people.

Joshua Y C Kong

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