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No need for this Special Court
Published on: Monday, July 03, 2017

By Awang Jambul
THE Malaysian Government is definitely an emotional government.

There are many examples of this.

Decisions are made without due consideration to the issues and the implications of such ad hoc decisions such as the pros and cons.

Just a few days ago, the Government decided to set up a special Court to deal with child sex abuse.

This is really unnecessary for the following facts and reasons:-

1. The number of child sex abuse cases in Malaysia is very small – about a hundred a year;

2. The courts, whether High Court, Sessions Court or Magistrates court can simply adjourn or postpone any case it is hearing and hear the child sex abuse first.

This is purely Judicial Administration and Management and will not in any way jeopardise the hearing of child sex abuse.

What the Government should do is to amend the law to provide life imprisonment for any person found guilty of child sex abuse. This will immediately reduce incidence of child sex abuse in the country straight away.

Therefore there is no need for a special child sex abuse court, other than to claim that Malaysia is first to do so.

This is proof that the Government makes decisions based on emotions and to be Number One.

God help Malaysia.

Awang Jambul

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