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Flyover barriers seem too low
Published on: Sunday, June 18, 2017

By Joshua Y C Kong
This is the first time I used the Luyang flyover since it was opened some months ago.

What I notice is that the barriers on the left appear to be too low which could be unsafe for very fast vehicles in sudden emergency incidents. The vehicles could topple and be thrown out onto the ground below.

Such situations can be avoided by installing higher strong barriers on the left side of the dual carriage flyover.

We have seen in some cars parks in Kota Kinabalu where cars even broke through some concrete barrier/wall to fall to the ground.

The luyang flyover was once also recently flooded. Is this hazard/defect and any related ones dealt with successfully?

I hope the relevant authorities would do a thorough inspection on the safety aspects including the suitable lighting at night.

Joshua Y C Kong

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