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No more Huguan Siou, please
Published on: Saturday, June 10, 2017

By Anti-Huguan Siou movement
REFERENCE is made to letters in Forum recently seeking election for the post of Huguan Siou.

As a Kadazan, I know I’m not alone in wanting the post scrapped as it only brought misfortune to the community based on the track record of both holders, late Tun Fuad Stephens and Tan Sri Joseph Pairin Kitingan.

Kadazans and Dusuns will be the proud members of the oldest party in Sabah if not for Stephens traitorous act of forcing the closeure of Upko in 1967 despite heated protests.

He cunningly waited until Deputy CM Datuk GS Sundang was on medical leave in UK to strike, instead of waiting for his return on a matter of utmost importance.

Having been proclaimed Huguan Siou by Penampang friends when independence was approaching, he told shocked party members to join Usno and pledge allegiance to Tun Mustapha, instead.

It was a blow, among his several other actions, from which the community would never recover.

As for Pairin, his political naivety in pulling out of BN in 1990 saw Sabah flooded with foreigners from neighbouring states and suddenly possessing MyKads.

Hence, both the Huguan Siou put the community in a worse situation. It is time for us and future generations to believe in ourselves than leave our fate to so-called Huguans who may cause more damage through their stupidity.

What the two holders did is already irreparable.

Anti-Huguan Siou movement

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