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Stupid to suggest raising the speed limit to 130kph
Published on: Sunday, April 16, 2017

THE proposal to raise the speed limit to 130kph on our highways needs to be considered carefully.

Hopefully the Works Ministry, Road Safety Department and Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research will conduct a survey among highway users on this proposal. Road accidents are the biggest killers in our country.

Our highways, with their double and triple lanes are the most ideal places for motorists to test their car’s speed limits and their driving prowess.

The big bikers who zoom on our highways at breakneck speed are a testimony of this speeding culture.

Even Singaporeans are known to test drive their super cars on our highways.

The maximum speed limit permitted on our highways is 110kph. And yet we see cars zooming at 160kph and beyond on the fast lane. Everyone knows that there are three causes of road accidents – the human factor, the vehicle and the road. And even when all the three are in a perfect state or condition, accidents can take place.

Speeding is the single factor that causes innumerable accidents on our roads. Many lives have perished due to speeding.

Carelessness and negligence on our roads have taken a deadly toll on our lives.

We are blessed to have one of the best highways in the region and yet our highways have become ‘killing fields’ because of the 3rd class mentality of our motorists who speed and throw caution to the wind.

First class cars in the hands of drivers with a 3rd class mentality on our 1st class highways is a recipe for disaster.

Some of the accident vehicles are beyond recognition and firemen have the daunting task of extricating victims trapped in them. The many accidents involving express buses, lorries, cars and motorcycles are due to the speed factor. Speed limits are not observed.

Buses and lorries on highways have a speed limit of 90kph but most of these vehicles travel at breakneck speed overtaking dangerously any which way of the highway.

Many motorists can vouch for how they have been intimidated and harassed by these huge vehicles, hovering and tailing behind them and flashing their lights to give them the right of way.

Some bus and lorry drivers sneak behind unsuspecting car drivers and blare their horns, scaring the living daylights out of motorists.

The authorities have to enforce the speed limit of 90kph strictly for heavy vehicles and re-install the automatic flashing lights on these vehicles so that mishaps do not occur.

As a long term measure the Road Transport authorities need to step up on their enforcement and nab speedsters and traffic offenders.

And please DO NOT raise the speed limit to 130kph or all hell may break loose on our highways because SPEED KILLS!


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