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Civil service corrupted due to over-staffing
Published on: Saturday, April 08, 2017

By Philip Wong Pak Ming
WE refer to the many reports on corruption in civil service.

Everyday, there are reports on the civil servants being caught for taking bribes.

We wonder what has happened to our society and civil service in particular.

Where our moral compass is and what can we do to prevent further rot in our society?

First of all, as many “rotten apples” must be removed from the civil services as soon as possible.

This can be done by rating the performances of civil servants. Those that are really not performing or suspected of corruption must be asked to leave.

On top of that, the Malaysian civil service is bloated, at the ratio of 1 civil servant for every 20 Malaysians.

Malaysia has one of the highest ratios of civil servants to the population in the world.

It put a huge drain on our limited resources. We are suggesting that works that are duplicated, work that are redundant must be eradicated.

A trimmed civil service will be good for the nation.

Philip Wong Pak Ming, President Kuching Canadian Graduates’ Association

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