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Clear who the real backers of PAS are
Published on: Saturday, April 08, 2017

By Feeling cheated
I WONDER what the State Barisan Nasional parties have to say now that the Government has allowed the Private Member’s Bill to amend the Syariah courts (Criminal and Jurisdiction) Act 2016, otherwise known as RUU355.

The chances of it succeeding with a simple majority vote in the final tabling in the next parliament session are quite high.

If it succeeds at least its not Pakatan Harapan’s work. All the Chinese BN parties used to pull wool over the people’s eyes saying that Pakatan’s acceptance of PAS meant that they agree with whatever PAS’ intentions are.

But now it is Umno that’s dating PAS and allowed the latter to table it and the Speaker allowed a sole PAS member to speak about it for 90 minutes while disallowing the opposition from objecting.

Hence, it is very clear that MCA, Gerakan and even our LDP are in cahoots with PAS. I cannot agree with “Confused Voter’ who wrote about the childish arguments that LDP were presenting to confuse the public from knowing the truth.

They even made a big deal of the four DAP reps in Melaka who left the party when it was quite clear that they did so because they lost their positions in party elections and knew they would not be fielded as candidates.

Feeling cheated

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