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Have State religious panel
Published on: Saturday, April 08, 2017

By Sabah patriot
THE very first point in the 20 Points safeguards leading to the formation of Malaysia was about Religion.

It was stated that in Sabah:

“While there is no objection to Islam being the National Religion of Malaysia there should be no State Religion in Borneo (Sabah and Sarawak), and the provision to Islam in the constitution of Malaya should not apply to Borneo.”

So we know that there should be no state Religion in Sabah. Sabah is a multiracial and multireligious country and should remain as a secular country with complete freedom of religious affairs.

It is suitable for Malaya to adopt Islam, as their Official Religion because all the Malays have got to be Muslims, whereas in Sabah, there is no one ethnic group who has to embrace one particular religion.

All the multiracials are free to embrace any religion according to their own free-will.

If Sabah has to adopt the view of having an official religion, all the major religions of Sabah should also be made official in line with Islam as an official religion. So, therefore, the official religions of Sabah should be: Islam, Christianity Budhism, Hinduism, Taoism and Sikhism.

In view of this situation, then the Sabah Government must form a special committee confined specially to look after all the official Religions as well as all the other minor religions of Sabah. Hence religion cannot be mixed with politics.

All should recognise the sanctity of religions and realise that all the above religions teach their followers only good values and respect, foster good ties with families and instill love and mutual respect for all humans irrespective of race or creed, and keep away from committing any negative acts. I think there its no other way; than those of Love, mutual Respect and understanding for the principles that govern our beloved country of Sabah.

The special committee to be formed then, must focus on the importance of peace, Love and Religious Harmony and do their best to maintain that based not only from the Rules of Law but, more importantly, as well as from Teaching values of Religions.

The Misson and visions of the committees to carry out their duties must be as follows:

Missi: i) To upgrade and intensify the Teachings of all the official religions as well as all the other religions of Sabah, and this must be done strictly and only to their respective followers and by the teachers of their own religion.

ii) To expose and inculcate in the minds of their respective followers the religious values of their own religions and more importantly the practice of them in their daily lives as much as possible.

iii) To encourage every follower of their religion to strictly observe and attend to all their respective obligations.

iv) To foster complete freedom for those without religion to embrace any religion strictly according to their own free will. There should be no forcing nor enticing individuals to embrace any particular religion against their free-will.

v) To weed out, by all means, any deviant teaching (ajaran cacat) religion that may secretly exist in the country.

Vissi: i) As a result of all the missions carried out strictly in accordance to the respective Teachings/instructions in their religions, we assume that all Sabahan be made “God-fearing and Law-abiding” people and so Love , Peace and Harmony in a long run may also flourish among all the people irrespective of race or creed, in our then beloved Malaysia.

Sabah patriot

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