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Failure of these projects means wrong choice Agri Ministers
Published on: Sunday, April 02, 2017

By Dayang Jambul
THE economy of the rural areas of Sabah depends on agriculture farming as stated by the YAB Chief Minister recently.

However, both the Federal and State Agricultural Ministers and Department have not come up with anything substantial, other than just announcements.

Over the last 10 years both Federal and State Agricultural Departments had announced that crops will make the rural people wealthier. However, most of these are repeats time and again. These are:

1. Paddy double cropping This was introduced into Sabah by the British in 1950s when about 500 acres of paddy land at Kota Belud was provided with irrigation system. After a few years the farmers abandoned the double cropping system for no reason;

2. The announcement of planting vanilla where by an acre a farmer would be able to earn RM900,000 a year;

3. The Dairy cattle projects – 10 heads a farmer. At the end of the day they sold their cattle and claimed they died due to flooding;

4. This is the same with goats;

5. The production of eggs from “Burung Puyuh”;

6. The Introduction of “Rabbits for Satay”;

7. The Introduction of Aquaculture for fish or prawns.

Unfortunately, the Department after spending millions and millions failed to sustain the farmers they created. The reason for the failure is that the programme or policy was carried out half and half.

Enough is enough – better for the Ministers in charge to be more serious on the rural economy.

Dayang Jambul

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