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Pos Ekspres or Pos Lewat?
Published on: Sunday, April 02, 2017

By L.Kit Seng
Recently my friend in Kuala Lumpur sent me two Pos Ekspres letters, one on 21.02.17 and on 28.02.17.

I received the last one on 27.02.17 and the second on 06.03.17.

It has taken six days for the Pos Express to reach me instead of just one or two days as advertised by the GPO.

An Email letter of 85 cts postage takes seven days to reach me.

Hence the GPO should put a sticker over the “Ekspres” with the word “Biasa” and sell the envelops as such.

Many years ago I sent a Pos Ekspres letter six days before the date line to pick up a right issue.

I missed it and the letter arrived seven days later, instead.

L.Kit Seng

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