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Which is which?
Published on: Saturday, March 25, 2017

By Confused voter
ON 22 March, Page 4 of your paper had a headline that read “Difficult to fight if only few BN Chinese candidates win: LDP” I have a question for Datin Shim Nyat Yun who is a Central Wanita leader of the party.

The DAP which was criticised by Shim has been branded, amongst others, as being “Anti Islam and anti Malay”.

The party has been labeled as “Ignoring the plight of the Malays in Penang” and day in day out, instances are shown via statements and demonstrations that the DAP is a party that is an enemy of Islam and the Malays.

At the Umno AGM, the President of Umno who is also the BN Chairman warned the Malays that should the opposition win, there is a real danger of the DAP controlling the Government of the day.

LDP is a component of the BN and Shim says “Look at the DAP-led Penang Government.

Although Lim Guan Eng is the State’s Chief Minister, Penang has implemented more and more Islamisation and halal policies such as an Islamic hospital, halal market and halal tourism”

Are such actions deemed as anti Islam ? I am confused! Shim and the LDP are saying the direct opposite of what we are being told about the DAP!

I think if your thoughts are not in sync with the Chairman of the BN on the role of the DAP, it is high time you get your act together.

Better still, to confused persons like me, Shim should clear the air once and for all as to whether or not, the Penang DAP is in fact anti Islam?

Please stop sending out confusing signals to the voters at large!

Confused voter

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