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Not grateful for their contributions
Published on: Sunday, March 05, 2017

By Disappointed churchgoer
I WISH to commend your paper for doing justice to the monumental work done by the late Brother Ben in Bundu Tuhan and for the Catholic Faith in particular.

It was sad to know that his wish to spend his last days and to be buried in Bundu Tuhan did not materialise.

In your report, it was stated that a church elder, Joseph Chee, went all the way to Holland to bring him back but failed.

This was not surprising. I stand to be corrected but nearly all the Mill Hill Brothers did not get the attention they richly deserved at the end of the day because of indifference by those running the diocese.

For instance, I understand that the medical bill of the late Bro. Ben for a displaced shoulder and hernia when he was at Damai was not picked up by the diocese and eventually had to be settled by the Mill Hills headquarters.

What a shame. I’m sure even the parishioners would have gladly contributed if it was made known to them.

Father Dapoz who I knew when he was alive also had to dig into his own funds when he was sick.

There was a Father Freyder in Lahad Datu, who also wished to be buried in Sabah but was sent back to Holland where he lost his senses at being placed in an old folks home.

Hence, the reluctance of the Mill Hill Hq to release Bro. Ben was not just because he was by then gravely ill, but based on track record because although we are repeatedly told to show compassion, love and mercy during Sunday sermons, it is not practised by some of those saying it.

Disappointed churchgoer

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