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Nice to see both sides united for common good of Sabah
Published on: Saturday, December 17, 2016

By C.P Kui
NOTHING makes me happier than to see a BN component and the opposition parties in the State coming together for the good of Sabah. It is always pleasant to the ear when they sing the same tune.

Never mind if the tone is flat. Never mind if it is sung in the wrong key or out of tune.

Never mind if it sounds like a chorus of frogs out on a mating hunt ! Point is, everyone comes together for the good of Sabah.

So when Senator Chin Su Phin of the LDP vented his frustration against the Ministry of Health over the condition of the Duchess of Kent hospital in Sandakan, he was I believe speaking as a Sabahan in the interest of Sabah.

He has invited Dato S.Subramaniam , the Minister of Health to come here and visit and see for himself what the situation is like. The Datuk tidak jawab pun.

Never mind. As long as both the BN and opposition sing as one voice for our State, that is all that matters.

The lyrics of the song can be different. But it is the singer and not the song that would take centre stage.

Of course, if the Federal Minister chooses to be deaf, that’s another matter. I too experienced the same situation.

I choose to be deaf when my creditors come calling.

Now the latest frightening news I read comes from the Deputy Director of Health, Dato Dr J.Sinnadurai.

To cut down on cost, the hospitals have been told to conduct “bundle test” on patients. I do not know what that means.

But I fear this. In time to come, the only test coming out from the Ministry of Health will be the one where Dato Dr J. Sinnadurai will take to the microphone and say - One, Two, Three - Test. One, Two, Three - Test.

C.P Kui

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