Abnormal hike in 'Bumi Lain' category
Published on: Friday, January 16, 2015
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Kota Kinabalu: Penampang MP Darell Leiking questioned the disappearance of some 119,300 Malay people in Sabah between 2000 and 2010, as reflected in the census report prepared by the National Statistics Department recently. He also urged the State Cabinet to investigate the "Bumiputera Lain" abnormal population surge within the same period.

Leiking said he received information pertaining to the matter from a reliable source not so long ago and decided to have a look.

"When I go through the information given, it dawned upon me that something is not quite right with the census provided to me. Thus, I decided to make my own investigation at the Statistic Department which revealed some startling revelation.

"The census for the year 2000 confirmed that there exists 303,497 Malays in Sabah. However, another census conducted in 2010 showed that there exist 184,197 Malays in the State.

"Within 10 years, there is major reduction within the Malay race in the State when 119,300 of them suddenly disappeared. The question is, "Where have these 119,300 Malays gone? Did they return to the peninsula or went overseas for better pasture or to further their studies?" he said.

Leiking has also made a reference to the abnormal increment shown by a particular group in the census for 2000 and 2010.

"In 2000, the numbers of 'Bumiputera Lain' within the age group of 0-14 years are as follows - 0-4: 50,956 people, 5-9: 56,448 people,10-14: 54,212 people.

"After 10 years, we would expect the year 2010's census to reflect a more or less the same figure as it was in the year 2000 (as how it was reflected in the KadazanDusun, Murut or Chinese racial tablature based on age-group) but interestingly, it did not," he said.

In 2010, Leiking said the numbers of 'Bumiputera Lain' that corresponds with the particular age group stated in 2000 above, after taking account the passage of 10 years (those aged 10 years old in 2000 would now be 20 years old in 2010) are as follows - 10-14: 76,874 people (increase by 25,918 people), 15-19: 79,533 people (increased by 23,085 people), 20-24: 66,978 people (increase by 12,000 people).

"So, where did these 25,918, 23,085 and 12,000 people in 2010 census came from? Who are they?" he asked.

Leiking argued that this is a very important matter for the State Government to look into as he believed that it may be related with so many important issues in Sabah such as tainted electoral rolls, Project ICs, security and so on.

"If you are one of the Cabinet minister of Sabah, would you not be worried or even curious to know why such surge is happening?" he said.

He also do not ruled out the possibility of a covert demographic engineering attempt to change the racial pattern in the State by assimilating and re-classifying these 'missing' Malays into 'Bumiputera Lain'.

"The onus is on the Barisan Nasional (BN)-led State Government of Sabah to investigate and to confirm to the people of Sabah where did the 119,000 Malays in Sabah went to and how did these additional 61,000 people classified under 'Bumiputera Lain' came about.

"Year 2000 shows that there exist only 34,528 people categorised as "Bumiputera Lain" and 66,370 people categorised as "Malays" in Tawau.

"However, the census conducted in 2010 showed an explosion of "Bumiputera Lain" in the district when it suddenly register the existence 139,027 people. And interestingly, the Malay race shows sudden decrease when the census for 2010 showed that there ere only 12,149 Malays there," said Leiking who is also Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) National Vice-President.

All these are happening within the period of 10 years while other districts in Sabah are showing progressive increase of population based on racial composition, he said.

"This is a very serious matter and the BN State leaders must explain the nature of this sudden surge of 100,000 "Bumiputera Lain" in Tawau. Since with such abnormal increase of population, surely there must be one major ethic group within that category (Bumiputera Lain) that do not belong to the Malay, KadazanDusun, Bajau, Murut or Chinese racial group," Leiking said.

He also highlighted that this unknown "Bumiputera Lain" may eventually assimilated within the indigenous people of Sabah and a reverse assimilation may take place.

"The KadazanDusun and Murut people would never want to be associated with the Malay rumpun. So, within these period of 10 years (2010-2020), could it be that there is a ploy to stop using the Malay race as a race in Sabah to secure the existence of Project IC holders by slowly assimilating them instead into these three races?

"If this allegation of reverse assimilation turned out to be true, then the KadazanDusun and Murut races will be in grave danger as there will be a covert attempt to modify its culture and identity, which have been fiercely protected all this while by the cultural organisations representing these major ethics.

"In the meantime, I also invite and call upon anyone, especially retired government officials from the Health Department, the Immigration Department, the National Registration Department to provide any evidence which could shed some light on this anomaly," Leiking said.


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