Protecting catchments, rivers must, says Dept
Published on: Monday, February 18, 2019

SANDAKAN: Consumers should play their role in ensuring the availability of good, efficient and sustainable water supply. Hence, the Sandakan Water Department here supports the recent statement by the Chairman of Malaysian Water Engineers Action Committee, Ishak Hasnan, that without the cooperation and support from users it is impossible for water supply agencies to provide the best and effective service. 

Ishak said there are several roles that need to be implemented by users such as to preserve and retain the green area of water catchment (tadahan air).

This can be made by not disturbing catchment areas. This is so that catchment areas are always able to store and supply quality raw water either during rainy season or dry season. 

Second, they must maintain the clarity of the river. Do not pollute rivers with trash and chemicals.

“This is to ensure that the quality of the water river is always good and suitable to be treated for clean water supply,” he said.

Apart from that, users shall making report pertaining any incident of water pipe breaks, leaking pipes and water theft to the water supply agency for immediate action. 

In effort to reduce household water consumption, users were suggested to install water saving device at their home in order for them to use water prudently.

Moreover, users must pay their water bills on time to enable the water supply agency to have enough financial resources to carry out operations.

Ishak also said, users must supporting all government efforts to ensure that water supply agency is capable to provide efficient and sustainable water supply services. - Winnie Kasmir


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