Pledge to increase grants for Chinese and mission schools
Published on: Monday, February 11, 2019

KOTA KINABALU: The Sabah Government will increase the amount of grants for independent Chinese and mission schools once its coffer has improved, assured Chief Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Shafie Apdal. 

He said the people would benefit when the economy improves.

“The money we make from an improved economy will not go into the pockets of politicians but, instead, will be ploughed back into providing the best for our people in terms of education, health and infrastructure,” he said when officiating the Federation of Chinese Associations Sabah’s (FCAS) Angpow Festival cum 25th Anniversary Dinner, here, Saturday.

He was represented by Deputy Chief Minister cum Tourism, Culture and Environment Minister Datuk Christina Liew.

Shafie said he marvelled at the ability of the Chinese community to sustain the running of independent schools. 

“The Government does give some funds but by and large a good portion is raised by the community itself. 

“The Chinese believe good education is the key to success and they are not stingy in this aspect, in order to provide the best education to their children.

“Chinese education or the way it is presented must be very efficient and beneficial as the number of non-Chinese, particularly Bumiputera, enrolling in Chinese schools is increasing.”

He said the Government, too, realised the importance of education.

“That is why we are willing to spend as much as possible to provide our youths with the best education. 

“If one is not academically inclined, there are skills training schools to provide the required skilled labour to steer Sabah to great heights,” he said.

Shafie also reminded all quarters to stop politicking and focus on bringing prosperity to the community and the State.

“Playing politics is best left when the next general election comes…the Chinese community is smart when it comes to siding with the winning party.”

As such, Shafie hoped the Chinese communities in Sabah can work together and help to build Sabah to be prosperous and progressive.

“There are many ‘taukehs’ in FCAS who can help me develop Sabah. Do it not for me but for all the people in Sabah.

“The Chinese play an integral role in the development of Sabah, not only putting up buildings but in education as well. 

“The Chinese are the mainstay of the economy and we encourage you to make further contributions by ploughing back the profits,” he said.

Also present were FCAS President Tan Sri TC Goh and State Cabinet Ministers. - Ricardo Unto


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