Highest petty thefts in Sabah, KL
Published on: Wednesday, January 23, 2019

KOTA KINABALU: More engagements with the people are among measures to be taken by police to ensure the crime rate continues to go down. 

Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Mohamad Fuzi Harun (pic) said they achieved quite a tremendous achievement last year with the crime rate, in general, showing a downtrend by 11.9 per cent.

He noted, however, that despite the achievement, people’s perception towards crime was still not positive.

“We are looking for consultant to assist us conduct the actual survey on the perception of the people towards crime in the country,” he told a media conference after attending the Ketua Jabatan Siasatan Jenayah Narkotik se-Malaysia Conference at the Sabah Oriental Hotel, Tuesday. 

“Almost every year our crime index goes down, I think last year it went down by almost 11.9pc and this year we will ensure the downtrend will increase, we will be more aggressive, we will engage more with the people to ensure our target will be achieved.” 

He noted that petty theft was the highest crime rate, especially in Sabah and the Klang Valley.

“This is our great concern because it is also related to drugs, if we can achieve more success in curbing drug distribution it the country the crime rate will be much lower,” he said. 

He said they are also fighting against gambling menace as it has contributed to crime rate in the country. 

He hoped the conference will further boost their level of performance in eradicating the nation’s number one enemy, which is drugs. 

Earlier he noted the tremendous success achieved by the police force through the Narcotics Criminal Investigation Department, with Sabah showing an extraordinary success last year involving 4,510 drug related arrests compared to 2017. 

He also noted the increase in drug seizure with syabu having the highest record of 21,880.67 grammes and followed by daun ketum with 6,145.68 grammes last year. 

He said the success showed that Sabah, Bukit Aman and other state police contingents are very aggressive in terms of preventing distribution and entry of drugs, especially in Sabah. 

“I have pointed out that this effort is continuously enhanced throughout the country, in fact this year alone we have already achieved five or six huge success at national level in line with our efforts to combat drugs,” he said. 

“We do not want the country to be a transit for drug distribution. Last week, we seized close to 560kg of various drugs in Perak, Johor and Kuala Lumpur worth RM35 million,” he added. 

He also attributed the success to the effectiveness of intelligence and integrated manner of working with the other departments in the police force.

“We also have our informants to thank, this facilitates us and are among factors contributing the success of our operations in addition to our counterparts who have also helped in training, channelling information. Ease of intelligence also contribute to improving the prevention of drugs in our country,” he said.

Also present were Bukit Aman Narcotics Criminal Investigation Department Director Datuk Sri Mohamad Salleh and State Police Commissioner Datuk Omar Mammah, among others.  - Sherell Jeffrey


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