26 jailed for KK littering so far
Published on: Sunday, January 13, 2019
By: Zam Yusa

KOTA KINABALU: Twenty six people – all non-Malaysians – were jailed for littering in the city from 2017 to 2018, according to City Hall statistics.

 Of these, 16 were jailed in 2017 while the remaining 10 in 2018. City Hall also committed 161 people to community service in 2016; 203 people in 2017 and 58 in 2018 for the same offence. 

Also for littering, City Hall issued 25 compounds totalling RM52,200 in 2017 and 10 compounds totalling RM32,100 last year. As of Jan 10 this year, five compounds worth RM500 were issued to litter bugs in the city area. 

City Hall Director-General Datuk Amrullah Kamal said people caught littering will be issued a compound and if they fail to pay this, will be committed to community service. 

“And if they refuse to do this also, they may face jail time,” he told reporters during an anti-rats operation at Bandaran Berjaya, here, Saturday. 

About 1,000 people from City Hall, other government agencies, NGOs and learning institutions took part in the cleaning-up organised by the local authority and Api-Api Community Development Leader Unit. 

The operation, kicked off by Mayor Datuk Nordin Siman, aimed to raise awareness among the community, especially eateries of the need to manage leftover food properly to prevent rats infestation in the Bandaran Berjaya area. 

“We found that some eateries took the easy way out by dumping the leftovers into the drain, one of the things that attracted rats to the area,” said Amrullah.

“Some eatery operators think it's City Hall's duty alone to handle the rats problem. They only think about profit but they forget that cleanliness will help them make even more profit. 

“It actually takes two to tango. Both they and City Hall will have to work together to rid the area of rats. 

“City Hall will pay special attention to the central business district to curb this issue before we carry out similar operations in the suburbs in the future.” 

Legal action was taken against business operators in Bandaran Berjaya area during the operation. Among the offences were erecting illegal structures, placing items on and dirtying the sidewalk and dirty outlet operations. 

“One premises tested positive to [the anti-] dengue [test],” said Amrullah. The City Hall official expressed happiness with the high turn-up at the cleaning-up operation and hoped the city will be much cleaner. 

“Awareness in the city is still low. We want to emulate European cities, where cleanliness means health, which in turn means prosperity for the community and business people.” - Zam Yusa



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