Sinsuran water tank danger
Published on: Saturday, January 12, 2019
By: Oliver Voon

Kota Kinabalu: City Hall has been urged to take down the water tank atop a section of the cantilever structure at Block J, Sinsuran commercial centre, soon as possible, for public safety reason.  

A concerned member of the public had voiced her fears about the integrity of the cantilever slab there last year due to the weight of the water tank on the structure. 

A City Hall official said several buildings in the city such as those in Jalan Pantai, Jalan Gaya, Bandaran Berjaya, Segama and Sinsuran are structures that have been standing for more than 40 years.

These structures, he said, were constructed with concrete mixture of aggregates, including sea sand, that is believed to be the contributing factors in hastening the rusting process of the reinforcements in the slabs.

“Recently, I filed a complaint to City Hall over the water tank that was placed on the concrete ledge there because it poses a danger to pedestrians and nearby parked cars,” said STEPHANIE, the complainant. 

In view of the recent case involving a collapsed cantilever slab in Kampung Air commercial centre, she hoped the agency would step in to resolve the situation. 

“I cannot imagine the severity of the injury of the person who happened to be at the site should the structure collapse,” she added.  

She said something must be done to prevent any heavy objects from being placed on top of the cantilever slabs in this commercial centre. 

“I sincerely hope the building owner will take heed of this matter and take proactive step to relocate the water tank away from that ledge,” she added. 

A City Hall spokeswoman, when contacted, assured that its personnel in the relevant department would be notified about the matter again soon as possible. 

“Allow us to check the outcome of our inspection at the site concerned last year,” she added. 

The outcome would be submitted to Hotline later. (OV)


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