Two wooden houses razed in Ranau
Published on: Saturday, January 05, 2019

Ranau: Two wooden houses located side by side were destroyed in a fire, here, Friday afternoon. Ranau Fire and Rescue Chief, Jimmy Lagung, said in the incident at Kg Sosondoton at about 1.30pm, villagers and family members only managed to salvage some of their possessions."We received a distressed call from villagers that two houses caught fire, so we rushed a fire engine and a 4x4 rescue vehicle with six personnel led by PBKII Waslie Saupin to the scene.

"When we reached the location 40km away from the Ranau Fire Station, both houses, a 30x24 feet and a 30x40 square feet in measurements were destroyed by the fire.

"Our team carried on with extinguishing the remaining fire and made sure all dangers were dealt with so the fire would not spread to other nearby structures. The operation ended at about 3.36pm," he said.

Jimmy said, fortunately, no one was injured. The losses as well as the cause of fire are still under investigation.

Family members and neighbours managed to salvage some of their things. - Clarence G Dol


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