Ranau kindergarten built by global volunteers
Published on: Sunday, December 23, 2018

Ranau: A three year voluntary initiative by Camp Borneo-Camps International for the community in Kg Bongkud Ranau resulted in the opening of the Tadika Fajar Ceria kindergarten.Director of Camps International Australasia, Rory James Hall said the 60x50 feet kindergarten building was built by staff and students from all over the world who came to visit the Camp Borneo-Camps International base in Ranau.

Since the setting up of the base in Kg Bongkud in 2010, the organisation had done much community work here, including repairing damaged facilities as well as repairing old buildings.

Camp Borneo-Camps International Country Manager, Melanie Chu said the initiative for the Tadika Fajar Ceria was started in 2014 by volunteers from all over the world, but mostly from the UK.

"From then, we were hoping to finish the school in two years, but then there were a lot of challenges and hurdles not to mention the earthquake, water sources changed and many others.

"But we had huge support from the Village Chief here who basically was there every day managing the group with participants from Brunei, Dubai, Singapore, UK and many other countries," she said.

Rory said approximately 13,700 working people/day were involved in building the kindergarten new building, where in one day there probably about 40 people working on the building.

"This has been a project done by people from all over the world. But the most involved person of them all was the Village Head who had made the project his baby, taking concern and care from start to finish," he said.

Meanwhile Kg Bongkud Village Head, Bindang Mantakag, said as representative of the people here, they are very happy and proud of the completion of the new kindergarten in the village.

"Maybe it seemed quite long for a building to be completed but need to be emphasised that this is a product of thousands of volunteers students from around the world who came here and contribute without being paid.

"This was done in a gotong-royong style. Of course those students came in without any building skills, but they were guided by us along the way. They involved in layering of bricks only up to five feet high. The rest of the works are done by local volunteers from the community," he said.

Bindang said hopefully the kindergarten would be appreciated and take full advantage of by the people here and he thanked Rory, Melanie and the Camp Borneo-Camps International for their deeds to the people here. - Clarence G Dol


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