How Sabah benefits from Taruc, JP says
Published on: Friday, December 07, 2018

Kota Kinabalu: Sabah has benefited from the setting up of the Tunku Abdul Rahman University College (Taruc), besides other contributions from MCA.Responding to criticisms on MCA's contributions to Sabah, an alumni leader of Taruc, Datuk Tan Kim Beng (pic), said: "There are two projects that I was involved in that makes me very proud as an MCA member – the Tuaran Hospital and Taruc."

Tan attributed his personal relationship with the then Federal leaders to secure funds for the development of the Tuaran Hospital, with another building block due to be erected.

Tan, who is also head of the Tuaran Chinese Chamber of Commerce, mused how lobbyists for a hospital for the Penampang district and Papar district, which may need a full-services equipped hospital, failed to secure the project. It was Tuaran which got the development due in part to his personal connections.

Asked whether it was fair to have such a "system of whom one knows is more important to prioritise availability of development funds" under the previous BN regime, Tan retorted, "Don't talk to me about fairness. Nothing in life is all fair."

On the future of MCA, Tan said, "As long as there is an Umno fighting for Malay rights, there will be MCA fighting for Chinese rights" in multi-racial Malaysia. In 1933, the North Borneo Chartered Company started a Tuaran Dispensary which was manned by a paramedic and an attendant nurse.

In 1989, the Tuaran Polyclinic replaced the Tuaran Dispensary. MCA leader and Health Minister Lee Kim Sai opened the Tuaran Hospital on April 9, 1994.

By the 10th Malaysia Plan, RM120 million was allocated for a new hospital building of 76 beds and WCT Berhad won the project bid for RM127.8 million for completion by 2013.

Tuaran Hospital has a dialysis centre besides its Outpatient Unit, Tuberculosis and Leprosy Unit, Emergency and Trauma Unit and Alternative Birth Centre equipped with a Radiology Unit, Pathology and Forensic Unit, Pharmacy Unit, Engineering Unit and Medical Record Unit.

Chartered Accountant Tan was one of three speakers to share his expertise to Taruc students, staff and members of the public on the "Impact of 2019 Budget to Economy, Businesses and Individuals" at the lecture hall of Taruc at Donggongon. - David Thien


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