Orang Asli community no longer build any blockades
Published on: Friday, December 07, 2018

Gua Musang: The Orang Asli community of several villages here no longer set up blockades to stop timber-carrying lorries from invading their native customary land (tanah adat) after the state forestry department tore them down more than a month ago.A survey by Bernama found that any vehicle could go through Pos Tohoi, Pos Pasik and Pos Bihai routes as there were no barriers or villagers gathered at the location.

The village head of Pos Tohoi, Zainal Cali, said those who constructed the blockades were influenced by certain quarters despite the action causing difficulties to many parties including those who were not involved with the protest.

According to him, only a handful of the natives were involved with the matter and they are now aware that they are wasting time and have affected their family from earning a living.

"We have never agreed on the blockade as it can be troublesome due to the interruption when travelling.

"In fact, we do not see the urgency to pressure the issue of the customary land because it is not the best way," he said.

Zainal claimed that all the Orang Asli village heads did not agree with such actions as they did not want to get involved in any pressure.

"If the group wants to rebuild the barriers, we ask them to not do so," he said.

A villager, Angah Dolah, 51, also considered those who gathered at the three previously constructed blockades as wasting their time and future.

He said this is because even the state government did not provide any recognition to the claims for their rights while several blockades were torn down.

"I do not want to join them as they will be facing many problems and troubling their family," he added. – Bernama


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