Liew denies Warisan involved in documents, but...
Published on: Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Sandakan: Minister in the Prime Minister's Department (Law) Datuk Liew Vui Keong (pic) stressed that the Batu Sapi Parliamentary Service Centre does not process Identity Cards or identification documents. He said it was viralled on social media that the office was offering such services "when, in fact, the services rendered were focused only on public complaints and not on obtaining identity cards."

"We will not hesitate to lodge a police report if there are any parties who defame the people's service centre," he said.

Liew who is Batu Sapi MP said this when met after a P185 Batu Sapi public mobile service programme with the Persatuan Bas Mini Sandakan at the Sandakan bus terminal here, Sunday.

Present was Sandakan Municipal Council President Datuk Peter Hii Chang Lik.

On public complaints from people who came for the mobile service centre which, among others, was related to cleanliness in Batu Sapi and Sandakan, Liew was happy because the Sandakan Municipal Council is committed in that regard.

"Additionally, contractors who carry out maintenance work will be monitored and if they fail to do the task, action will be taken," he explained.

Persatuan Bas Mini Sandakan Chairman Mohd Harun Ramli and his members requested for the Sandakan Municipal Council to maintain existing terminals and other requirements. Currently, there are about 500 members registered with the Persatuan Bas Mini Sandakan.

On that note, Hii said they will ask those from the association to send in their application and they will study the matter.

In the meantime, the public also welcomed the mobile service as well as Liew's and Hii's presence which people described as very good because they took the time to go down to the ground to meet the people.

Meanwhile, Tawau Umno Youth hit out at Parti Warisan for organising "political motivated" programmes, including in schools, that threaten national security as they involve matters related to citizenship, among others.

Its Chief, Ghazalie Ansing, said this in response claims of Warisan assisting members of its Kg Titingan branch to obtain MyKad and citizenship at SMK Titingan, which went viral and was supposed to have been held during the weekend.

It was a subject of protests by the local community, he said, and "more proof that Warisan is supported by those who do not have Malaysian citizenship documents".

"Tawau Umno Youth condemn Warisan's action of chanting 'Sabah for Sabahans' but at the same time conspiring with members who do not have Malaysian citizenship," he said.

He said the National Registration Department (NRD) which handles matters related to citizenship should be free of interference by political parties, especially those associated with the 'legalisation' of illegal immigrants and Project IC.

"What sort of assistance will Warisan give to the stalled MyKad and citizenship applications? Is it by pressuring civil service officials and staff at the NRD so that they comply to Warisan's wishes and demands and the stalled MyKad and citizenship resolved without going through proper vetting?" he asked.

He asked if Warisan was hoping to profit politically so as to garner votes in the 15th General Election? It would be a betrayal to the people in Sabah who are hoping for a transparent and honest government to protect their interests.

Ghazalie said Tawau Umno Youth is also not happy that Warisan picked a school (SMK Titingan) for the purpose because schools should be free from political-based programmes that do not bring benefit in terms of educational development.

He hoped schools would be careful when giving permission to any political party to hold programme to avoid being exploited.

Tawau Umno Youth urged young Sabahans to stand up and voice out against the act "to 'legalise' illegal immigrants as currently happening in the State.

"This is our State and the younger generation are the ones to save our State from any form maltreatment and betrayal to our younger generation," he said.


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