Public asking about missing words: Chief
Published on: Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Keningau: District Chief, OKK Mohd Amir Datuk Arif suggests the State Museum attach a strip with the crucial missing words "Kerajaan Malaysia Jamin/Malaysian Government Guarantees" temporarily on the Batu Sumpah (Oath Stone) that was relocated for the second time to a permanent site on Sunday.He said this had to be done while waiting for a replacement plaque in order to preserve the good image of the Federal Government in granting the assurance to those in Sabah who never favoured the formation of Malaysia unless three conditions were set in stone with these accompanying words in 1964.

He said there is already widespread criticism that nothing was done despite repeated Federal Government assurances as the current plaque is still the same one with the keywords missing.

"A senior officer of the Museum told me that the matter had been forwarded to the Cabinet, especially to make a new plaque that will cover all the words recorded on the original Batu Sumpah plaque.

"The Museum has been told to wait for the decision of the Cabinet," he said, adding the Cabinet should not delay restoring the crucial words as they were very important and meaningful to the formation of Malaysia.

The original plaque stated that the Federal Government assured the people of Sabah on: Right to religious freedom; Respect for native Adat (customs) and State jurisdiction over lands. These were contained in an introduction that the Federal Government guarantees them.

"Referring to a warning of a curse by the Bobolian (shaman) during the Monongolig ceremony on Sunday, it was revealed that (misfortune) will befall those who do not honour everything that was written on the original Batu Sumpah plaque.

"This includes those who deviate from the conditions of Malaysia's formation where indigenous leaders in the interior agreed that the conditions are sealed on the rock (Batu Sumpah) and shall be erected and planted according to the customs of Sabahans," he said.

Bobolian (Muri Gulim), citing spirits inhabiting the Batu Sumpah, spoke of being made known by them that should any individual, group or entity violate the written conditions on the Batu Sumpah, their lives will be eventually at risk."

Amir said everyone had to respect the three conditions sealed above the Batu Sumpah for the well-being of the people and the ongoing peace and harmony in Malaysia.

Amir also said the history of Batu Sumpah should be included in the school history syllabus so that generations to come would understand and appreciate its significance.

"Otherwise they may consider Batu Sumpah as a place to have fun instead of its national heritage." he said.

Earlier, speaking to reporters at the Batu Sumpah relocation ceremony held at the Keningau Heritage Museum compound on Sunday, Amir said the relocation was planned three years ago chaired by former Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Tan Sri Joseph Kurup under instructions by the Federal government.

"The relocation (on Sunday) are the efforts of District Office and the Museum Department to actually fulfill all the conditions.

"The ritual committee headed by me also invited Bobolians from Tenom, Nabawan, Pensiangan, Tambunan, Keningau and Sook to come in their traditional finery.

"But the ritual was headed by Bobolian Muri Gulim of the Kujau tribe. His father, Gulim Adau, was the first Bobolian to be used by the government to conduct the Monongolig ceremony when the Batu Sumpah was set up in front of the old District Office," he said.

Amir said Gulim left it to his son, Muri, to carry out the monongolig on the second relocation last Sunday.

Explaining the relocation to the new site, he said the Batu Sumpah was situated at the old district office, but because of road expansion, had to be relocated to the compound of the secretariat building which is also located in the District Office.

According to him, because the secretariat is a government building and a security area people are not allowed to enter especially on weekends or public holidays.

"So we were forced to place it at a new site at the compound of the Keningau Heritage Museum which has an area of about an acre."


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